"It's the Real Sensation!" -

Birra Mirosa

Mirosa-Italian BeerBirra Mirosa originates from the Tarricone brewery, nestled in the breath-taking picturesque, one thousand year-old town of Balvano, Italy.

It is a premium light golden Pils-style beer with delicate foam. On the palate, Birra Mirosa offers a subtle texture of bitter and sweet echoes that resonate from the freshest air and most invigoratingly pure water to be found anywhere in existence on this earth. The mountainous streams and springs that supply the water that goes into Birra Mirosa flow from a place where over-population and excessive industry do not exist.

Each morning a gentle mist settles over the valley of olive and lemon groves, cleansing and rejuvenating all of life.Consequently, Birra Mirosa translates into one of the most pleasant beer experiences ever to be had.

Birra Mirosa Lemon

Birra Mirosa LemonAnd now the master brewers have just outdone themselves by perfecting Birra Mirosa Lemon, which is by far the quintessential, most refreshing and enlivening beer experience that any beer connoisseur the world over is ever going to know. It is inexplicably a beverage blend that could only have been accomplished through truly authentic southern Italian passion.